Moving Tips To Help You In Your Relocation

The following moving tips will help you to get organized and be fully prepared for your relocation.

Communication – It is of paramount importance to keep the communication lines open before and during your relocation between you and the office. Please make sure to leave your cell phone number with our customer support staff. If you are using a home phone, make sure that the number is working and that the phone has not been packed along with other items.

Parking Space At Your Residence – To ensure a smooth relocation, make sure that there is enough space for us to park our moving truck in front of your residence. It would be better to park your vehicles on the road so that there is required space for our moving truck.

Elevators And Loading Docks – If there is a requirement for use of loading docks or elevators, please schedule a day and time by contact your apartments building manager for the use of elevator.

STORAGE FACILITY – If you are moving your items to a storage facility, inform your company of your move date and time of arrival in advance to avoid problems.


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