Packing Services:

Washington DC Relocation Company provides complete packing services for your entire relocation needs. We also supply a range of packing material and supplies if you decide to pack your belongings yourself. Below is a detail of commonly used boxes and packing materials used in the moving process, please contact our customer support if you have any question.

Packing Materials:

Book Cartons 17×12.5×12.5 (1.5 cubic feet): Small boxes for packing small items from drawers as well as to carry CD/DVD collections, pictures and documents.

Medium Cartons 18x18x16 (3.0 cubic feet): For packing closet and bathroom items.

Large Cartons 18x18x24 (4.5 cubic feet):  For packing bedroom linen & pillows.

Dish Packing Boxes (6.0 cubic feet) 18x18x32: For packing fragile items from the kitchen like dishes and glasses.

Bubble Wrap: Plastic sheets that contain air bubbles to fill spaces around fragile items to stop them from moving around.

Storage Paper:  Gray paper sheet containing 4 layers to protect the furniture going to storage.











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