Washington DC Relocation has its storage facility in Silver Spring, MD. Our secure warehouse which is equipped with climate control features provides storage in a vault as well as custom crating items for storage.

Storage Inventory:

Every item brought in for storage in our warehouse is properly inventoried and registered in our custom software.

Storage Security:

Washington DC Relocation realizes that your prized possessions are very important and that is the reason we have used the newest technology to ensure a high level of security for all your precious belongings. Here are some of the security features.

  • Security Cameras – We have security cameras in place at our warehouse that record all activities inside and outside the warehouse 24/7.


  • Personnel Access System – Only authorized personnel can gain access to the warehouse so that we know who is inside and what they are doing around your belongings.


  • RFID Vault System – Each vault at our warehouse has been equipped with radio frequency identifier to easily locate your vault in the warehouse.


As per Federal Commercial Storage Regulation, all of your goods are evaluated at the time of storage.

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